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10 Fun and Creative Date Ideas to Spice Up Your Relationship

10 Fun and Creative Date Ideas to Spice Up Your Relationship

All great relationships begin with a series of memorable dates. The fun, exciting experiences that fuel that beautiful feeling of fluttery love that the start of a relationship needs to blossom. Then, as time goes on, sometimes dates fall by the wayside as daily life responsibilities take over. Especially when living in the same house as your partner, it feels like “We spend most of our time together, why do we need to go out of our way to plan more time?” Sometimes you just need some new fun and creative date ideas to bring some fresh energy to your relationship.

Not intentionally deciding to spend quality time together can cause surprising riffs in a relationship. It’s normal for things to get a little stale when not given the space to be renewed. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your relationship, it simply means that your garden needs tending.

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Here are 10 fun and creative date ideas to nurture your relationship with the person you love:

(P.S. these could work for your romantic relationship, and also friendships!)

1. Attend a concert you’ll both love.

There’s really nothing more romantic than getting to hear the songs you both love played live. Keep an eye out for concerts that you would mutually enjoy, or an artist that’s new to you both to keep things fresh! In the summertime, outdoor concerts are especially fun.

2. Go to the thrift store and pick out outfits for each other.

Head to the thrift store and get ready to choose an outfit for the other partner. Pick a theme: fancy, wacky, a certain color, tropical… the sky’s the limit with theme ideas. Then, give each other 30 minutes to scour the store for the best pieces to complete an outfit for the other person. This can be a great addition to the classic dinner date night, so take yourselves out on the town after!

3. Take a cooking class.

This can be done in the comfort of your own home or out at a kitchen that hosts classes. This can be a super fun way to learn how to create new dishes that you’ve wanted to try – pasta making, bread baking, sushi rolling, and so on!

4. Go bowling.

Who doesn’t love a little competitive game of bowling to get the sparks flying? Bowling is an underrated activity as adults. Order some pizza and beer to go along with it, and you’ve got yourself a great night.

5. Get your favorite food and have a sunset park picnic.

Burritos and rosĂ©? Yes please. While this is a classic date night activity, it is also one of the sweetest and simplest ways to have a memorable date night. Getting outside together, enjoying beautiful scenery, and eating something yummy is just one of life’s delights.

6. DIY Spa Night.

Create a relaxing and pampering experience at home by setting up a DIY spa night. Light scented candles, give each other massages, and enjoy soothing face masks or bubble baths.

7. Game Night.

Have a fun game night with board games, card games, or video games. Compete against each other or team up for some friendly competition and laughter.

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8. Mini Road Trip.

Take a spontaneous mini road trip to a nearby town or city you’ve never visited. Discover new places, try local cuisine, and create lasting memories on the open road.

9. Walk around your local botanical garden.

Being in a garden setting is inherently dreamy and romantic. Getting outdoors to admire nature’s beauty together is the perfect way to bring a sense of both rejuvenation and inspiration. Some botanical gardens often have free days for the community, so keep an eye out for those!

10. Try an escape room.

Challenge yourselves with an escape room experience. Work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and unlock mysteries within a themed room. Reignite your sense of adventure and possibly learn something new about each other’s problem solving skills.

Need more ideas? Check out these ideas for fun activities to foster more connected friendships.

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