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5 Ways to Simplify Your Self-Care

5 Ways to Simplify Your Self-Care

Let’s face it, sometimes self-care can start to feel like another thing on our dreaded to-do list. It can feel overly complicated, and often like an all-or-nothing endeavor. Life can easily start to feel overwhelming, which is why it is important to make sure you are caring for yourself as best you can. Self-care doesn’t have to be something that takes hours or costs hundreds of dollars. Instead, you can simplify your self-care by focusing on making small shifts throughout your day to nurture yourself.

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Here’s some things to consider to simplify your self-care:

1. What are you already doing that could be considered self-care?

The power of mindfulness can shift a simple act into a form of self-care. How can a hot shower feel more luxurious? Could enjoying your morning coffee or tea be a mindful moment to slow down? Can stepping outside to get to your car feel like a moment to be kissed by the sun? Sometimes it’s these simple habits that can shift the course of our day to feel more nourishing, it just takes a little mindfulness.

2. Start your day with a few simple deep breaths before you leave bed.

Often we get so daunted by the idea of needing to do 30 minutes of breathwork or meditation in order to get any value from it. While 30 minutes is great if you have it, what is better is taking the time that is available to you to cultivate peace when you can. Before you even get out of bed, taking 5 deep breaths can be a powerful way to shift into the day. You can also take it as a moment to check in with your body for what else you might need that day.

3. Set an intention for your day.

As you are waking up and taking your deep breaths, an easy way to make the day feel more nourishing is to set an intention. This could be for how you want to feel for the day, what you hope to experience, or how you want to show up to a certain event or conversation. For example: “I intend to feel present today,” or “I intend to show up to conversations with positivity.”

4. Take a lunch break walk or stretch break.

Getting outside for even a 5 minute walk during the day helps so drastically in lifting energy levels. Even a quick stretch works wonders for bringing fresh blood flow to the body to keep us going. Bonus points if you bring a pal along, for example, one simple self-care hack is incorporating moments for social connection as it is one of the best things for us humans.

5. Shift your choices.

Throughout our day we make many choices. What to eat for lunch, what to wear, which route to take to work, which conversations we have. In these choices, lies the secret to simplifying self care. Instead of eating something that makes you feel yucky, chose the lunch option that brings about a sense of nourishment. Look for the beauty during your commute to work. Wear an outfit that makes you feel most yourself. Take a hot bath instead of a shower if that’s your thing. Use the rose scented lotion. It’s the little things.

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Self-care doesn’t have to feel like a chore, and it isn’t one size fits all. It also requires balance and moderation. What one person does for their self care, may not be what you need for yours. The key to simplifying it is to listen inward for what you most need, and making small shifts in how you show up for yourself throughout your day. You got this!

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