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6 Self-Care Practices for the Work Day

6 Self-Care Practices for the Work Day

Work can often feel in conflict with what we truly need. Depending on the demands of your job, you may find yourself feeling neglected throughout the day if your focus is solely on the busyness of work and never on yourself. As the day rushes by, we can forget to drink water, check in with our body, or even take deep breaths. Not taking time for self-care throughout the day can also lead to burn-out and overwhelm, which has been shown to correlate with more serious health issues. No one can pour from an empty cup. Engaging in self-care practices for the work day are the shifts capable of bringing about big shifts in your overall happiness.

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Here are 7 self-care practices for the work day:

1. Set a timer for breaks throughout the day. Productivity improves when we take ample breaks as we work. Try setting a timer once an hour to remind you to take breaks. That could be a moment to pause, take deep breaths, be mindful, take a sip of water, do a stretch, or look out the window. These small shifts will make a big difference in how you feel at the end of your day.

2. Take a lunchtime walk. The physical and mental benefits of walking are often overlooked. A mid day walk can do wonders to lift your mood and give you the fresh perspective. One study found that walking and low intensity exercise has been found to reduce fatigue symptoms by 65 percent.

3. Communicate your needs. Self-care isn’t always fun, sometimes it is having the hard, vulnerable conversations that propel positive change. Communicating your needs at work can feel scary, but it is necessary for creating an environment that supports your growth. Whether it’s with your boss or a coworker, set aside a time to be open about what you need to flourish.

4. Keep comfort items at your desk. A plant, essential oils, a special trinket, a note to self – any of these items can be beneficial to sparking a bit of joy. Even having a blanket on your lap or a fuzzy pillow behind you can bring about a sense of comfort and calm. If you have a more active job, wearing clothes that feel comfortable or a meaningful piece of jewelry can bring about joy. You could even create a self-care toolbox to keep nearby!

5. Develop connections with co-workers. Connection with others is being found to be one of the biggest predictors for long term happiness. Find a few co-workers, if you can, who feel like supportive and positive influences. If you work independently, perhaps join a co-working group to have others who work in a similar situation and you can lean on for support when needed. Getting in a laugh with others during the work day brings about such an energy shift!

6. Have healthy snacks on hand. When we feel a slump during the day, it’s easy to reach for things that feel good only for the moment. Often, though, those things end up making us feel worse in the long run. Having a stash of super tasty, healthy snacks will keep your blood sugar stable, as well as boost your mood and energy.

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Provide yourself with practices throughout the work day that bring about a sense of peace, calm, and care. Doing so can make a world of a difference for your stress levels. If these practices are just a bandaid for a larger issue however, it may be time to reassess your situation. While self-care is so important, it can’t always fix everything. Your well-being is what matters most, so take steps to make yourself a priority so that you can show up as your best self in your life!

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