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7 Habits of Couples Who Thrive

7 Habits of Couples Who Thrive

Every couple has different needs, patterns, and habits. What sets apart the habits of couples who thrive versus those who don’t? It’s not the big gestures, but the small, everyday habits that make for a long, thriving relationship.

It is important to note that sometimes it’s not only the habits of couples who thrive that keep them together. It’s the undeniable love between them that keeps them coming back to the habits in the first place. The foundational elements of a thriving relationship are layered, and the choice to return to each other again and again is what keeps things rolling.

Image is of two people holding hands by their pinkies with a darker sunset background, showing the habits of couples who thrive.
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Here are 7 habits of couples who thrive:

1. They laugh together. Laughter is truly the best medicine. Having someone who understands your humor, makes you laugh and vice versa, is one of the best feelings. The habit is making the time to connect with your partner to let loose and be goofy. Goofing off is more productive than you’d think. Put on a funny movie, go to a comedy show, or just get silly with each other. Allow the medicine of laughter to strengthen your bond as a couple.

2. They aim to understand, not criticize. When disagreements or misunderstandings arise, it can be easy to become defensive, make assumptions, or criticize. When tough moments inevitably happen, practice aiming to understand your partner. Even if it’s not how you would go about things, your partner’s feelings are coming from somewhere, and vice a versa.

3. They support each other’s dreams. Be each other’s biggest cheerleader and supporter. Being in a relationship shouldn’t stunt your growth towards your goals and dreams, it should help you get there. Having a partner to reflect your strengths and remind you of your capabilities will be a foundational element to lasting happiness.

4. They try new things together. Novel experiences open up our eyes and spark refreshed perspective. Trying new foods or activities together is a fun way to bond over your worldview being expanded. It’s a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zones and see a new side of each other that perhaps doesn’t show itself on a regular basis. Try one of these creative date ideas!

5. They know each other’s love language. Love languages are the forms of action that others can take that most effectively make us feel loved. For some that is acts of service or gifts. For others that’s physical touch, quality time, or words of affirmation. These are the 5 widely known love languages, developed by Dr. Gary Chapman. Take the quiz here to find out your preferred love language.

6. They foster a sense friendship. Friendship serves as a solid foundation for a lasting and fulfilling romantic partnership, supporting communication, mutual growth, and shared happiness. Friendship brings a sense of fun, playfulness, and lightheartedness into a romantic relationship, as well as adding depth, trust, and emotional connection.

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7. They have deeper discussions. Talking often about what is beneath the surface cultivates closeness and emotional safety between two people. Intimacy thrives when individuals feel safe to be vulnerable, fostering deeper levels of trust, closeness, and mutual respect. Feeling safe enough to process difficult emotions, speak about your beliefs, or explore a complex topic together is the basis of deeper intimacy. Check out this article on Maidenfolk for 10 Conversation Prompts to Deepen Connection.

Above all, they love and choose each other every day. To love is an active choice, it’s a verb. That may sound crass, but the simplicity of it is true. To both love, and plain old like the person you are with makes all the difference.

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