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8 Evening Self-Care Rituals for A Better Night’s Sleep

8 Evening Self-Care Rituals for A Better Night’s Sleep

Evenings can easily be spent having a quick dinner, binge watching Netflix, and lying awake with all of life’s worries swirling in your head. This way of doing things every night doesn’t always feel good and can often make the day-to-day of life feel more difficult, as you can find yourself constantly trying to pour from an empty cup. While it might feel like an extra chore at first to develop an evening self-care ritual, infusing self-care into your evening will create an astounding sense of peace that will carry you through the next day as well.

Image is of a woman laying in bed reading a book practicing evening self-care.
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Here are 10 ideas for creating an evening self-care ritual that nourishes you, helps you sleep better, and helps you feel better in your daily life: 

1. Dim the lights and light candles around the house instead.

Having bright lights on around bedtime can inhibit your rest response. Low lighting can really help to set the mood for winding down, and bringing candles into the mix can help the house feel more inviting and relaxing.

2. Turn off electronics one hour before bed.

I know, this one is tough when you are just getting into the new season of Ted Lasso. However, the blue light from the TV and your phone can prevent proper melatonin production and keep you from falling into a more restful sleep.

3. Turn on calming music.

Now that you’ve turned electronics off, put on a calming evening soundtrack as you get ready for bed. Music with binaural beats can be a bonus for relaxing the mind and body.

4. Take a warm epsom salt bath.

Perhaps also add a few drops of lavender essential oils and take some deep breaths, you will feel more relaxed in a matter of moments.

5. Do some relaxing stretches.

This will help signal to your body that it is time to rest, and will help work out some of the kinks that built up during the day. Child’s pose, spinal twists, and happy baby pose are great for calming the body.

6. Drink tart cherry juice before bed.

Research is showing that tart cherry juice contains melatonin and tryptophan, promoting a restful nights sleep. Add some sparkling water and make it a night cap mocktail. Read more about tart cherry juice here.

7. Gratitude journal.

Writing down just 5 things you are grateful for in your day can be an excellent way to focus your mind on the positives before bed, so that you don’t spiral into negative and worried thoughts.

8. Take 5-10 deep belly breaths.

Deep belly breaths signal to your nervous system that it is safe to rest. If nothing else, doing this will shift your body from go mode to rest mode.

Taking time in the evening to slow down and unwind is a huge part of caring for yourself. Without a restful nights sleep, we can’t get much else done during the day. Even though you might just want to collapse after a long day, taking steps to create an intentional evening self care routine will improve your overall sense of well-being dramatically.

If you’d like ideas for your morning self-care rituals, we’ve got you here!

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