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9 Creative Writing Prompts for Self-Reflection and Self-Care

9 Creative Writing Prompts for Self-Reflection and Self-Care

Writing is a versatile tool. It can be used to make you laugh, make you cry, urge you to action, take you on a wild ride, and endlessly more. One of the most profound ways of utilizing writing as a tool is by using writing prompts for self-reflection and self-care. One study even found that writing about traumatic experiences for just 20 minutes a day, three to four days in a row, led to improved physical health and psychological well-being in participants.

It can be hard to know exactly where to start when staring at a blank page, enough to make me want to close my journal just as fast as I opened it. That’s where creative writing prompts come in. Prompts can be a wonderful way to get your mind going in new directions. Plus, they may offer some excitement, inspiration, and open doors to your creativity that you haven’t accessed before.

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Here are 9 creative writing prompts to help you on your self-reflection and self-care journey:

1. Write a letter to your younger self.

Go back to a time when you really needed a comforting presence. Offer that younger version of yourself kind, comforting words. You may offer some advice to yourself, or simply validate the feelings that you were having at that time.

2. Write a letter to your older self.

Similarly to writing to your younger self, pen a letter to a version of you in the future. Allow yourself to be intuitively guided towards what you’d like to say, infusing it all with love and compassion. This practice is truly magic. If possible, put a date in your phone calendar to alert you to reread this letter in a few months or years time.

3. Describe what your ideal life looks like as if you are already living it.

Writing what you hope to manifest in the present tense is a powerful way to ensure that the energy of what you want is already in motion. Describe the life you desire in great detail, focusing on how you’d like to feel first and foremost, followed by the physical forms.

4. Write about a place that helps you feel most at peace and safe.

This could be an actual place, or it could be imaginary. Describe this place in great detail, include the smells, the smallest details of what you see, the textures of the surfaces you feel, the sounds, and the distinct feelings you get when you are there. There are no limits here.

5. Write a self-care manifesto.

Getting clear about what your beliefs and values are around your self-care is key in helping to guide you towards practices that truly align with you. For example, because I value introspection, I practice meditation daily. Because I value honesty, I journal about my true feelings. This will help solidify the intentionality behind your self-care practices.

6. Craft a list of 10 things you’d like to do before you die, and why.

This isn’t to freak you out, but to show yourself what is truly important in your life. The why behind it will help you get clear on what your true intentions are behind those things, and you can assess if you feel the same once you discover that. You may think 10 is not enough to cover all the things you ‘d like to do, but this number will help you hone in on what is truly important to you, so that you can start there.

7. Write a poetic piece on what you love most in your life right now.

Get creative, use metaphors, make it a beautiful work of art. Example: I love the way the morning light meets my face through the curtains each morning, as if we have been looking for each other through the dark. Utilizing poetry can help unlock new ways of seeing the world that is a bit more glorious, even the darkest parts.

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8. Write your obituary.

Again, not meant to freak you out, but to point you in the direction of what is true and real. Reflect on the life you’ve lived thus far, and what you hope to accomplish. Give yourself a glowing review. And allow it to be a moment of reflection: have you lived the life you most desire to live?

9. Write your life experiences as if it were a storybook.

Describe the characters, set the scene, create a narrative arc, change some details if you need to. Let your imagination run wild as if you were a child writing this story. Bonus points if you create an illustration based on your story.

If you’d like more prompts, check out these journals that are full of prompts for self-reflection and self-care!

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