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Maidenfolk Mixtape: 20 Soothing Songs for Self-Love and Care

Maidenfolk Mixtape: 20 Soothing Songs for Self-Love and Care

I don’t know about you, but I need a soundtrack for most things in my life. Long drives, walks through the park, a sleepy Sunday at home, there is always music accompanying me. Finding just the right songs for self-love and care is a special kind of magic. Which is why we created a soundtrack to meet you where you are.

Music can help inspire and conjure the energy we need to feel one way or the other, as well as support us through all the emotions that arise in life. Taking a walk with just the right music can be all it takes to move you towards an emotional transformation. Music can be like a prayer unto yourself when the melodies, rhythms, and lyrics lean towards love. When you need a boost, music can help. Enjoy these songs, while letting them bolster your self-love and self-care.

Image is of a woman with white headphones on dancing to songs for self-love and care with one arm up and smiling.
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Here are 20 songs for self-love and care:

1. Homebody by Nai Palm

2. I Am Light by India.Arie

3. Follow My Voice by Julie Byrne

4. I Am Perfect as I Am by Beautiful Chorus (and everything by Beautiful Chorus!)

5. Trigger Protection Mantra by Jhene Aiko

6. 444 by Gayathri Krishnan

7. BE OK by Samoht

8. All the Way by MaMuse

9. Fallingwater by Maggie Rogers

10. I Am by Beautiful Chorus and India.Arie

11. Miracle by Nico Segal

12. Shine by Cleo Sol

13. Have Mercy by Eryn Allen Kane

14. Cranes in the Sky by Solange

See Also

15. GORGEOUS by Muhsinah

16. You Can’t Rush Your Healing by Trevor Hall

17. Yes It’s You by Evan Fraser, Vir McCoy, Rising Appalachia, Leah Song

18. Song I made up to stop myself from having a panic attack just now by Field Medic, Rich

19. Get Free by Mereba

20. Holy by Jamila Woods

Listen to this playlist on our Spotify channel and follow us for more playlists to inspire your self-care, or create your own self-care playlist!

When you’re building your own self-care playlist, listen for lyrics that uplift, inspire, support, and comfort your soul. Music is a deeply personal thing, what speaks to you may not make sense to someone else, and that is the best part! You might need different vibes for different self-care moments depending on your emotions as well: the music you need when you are ripe with anger is different than when you need restful solace. You might need a sound bath versus songs you can sing along to. The next time you need a moment of self-care, throw on a playlist and allow the music to hold you.

What is your favorite self-care song to jam to? Share with us @Maidenfolk on Instagram and let us know, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below!

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