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Maidenfolk Picks: 6 Books to Nurture Stronger Friendships

Maidenfolk Picks: 6 Books to Nurture Stronger Friendships

We aren’t given a handbook about how to take care of our friendships. Luckily, books to nurture lifelong friendships are there for us. It can be hard to know how to nurture our friendships. Especially as adults, our lives get the best of us and it can feel like our energy and time reservoirs are running low, leaving little room for fostering connections with people outside of our immediate household. There are so many additional factors that can make keeping friends close more difficult in adulthood: busy schedules, distance, changing priorities, different life changes, communication differences, and so on.

However, the need for friendships as adults grows larger and larger as many of us may become less attached or close in proximity to family. Or perhaps you never felt close to family as a youngster, and your friends are your chosen family as you grow older. It’s important that we foster our friendships with love and nurturance, so that we continue to have one of the most important elements of life – belonging.

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That’s why we are bringing you these 6 amazing books to nurture stronger friendships:

1. Radical Friendship by Kate Johnson.

This read is based on the Buddha’s teachings of spiritual friendship and offers ways to champion our own and each other’s liberation in friendships. Each chapter concludes with a meditation or reflection practice to help guide readers through their own path towards revolutionary relationships.

2. We Should Get Together by Kat Vellos.

This book will teach you how to have deeper, more meaningful conversations, as well as gain more confidence with connection with others. Learn to maintain friendships in a world where many of us are moving to different states, and have less proximity to each other.

3. Platonic by Marisa G. Franco.

This book discusses how our attachment styles shape our relationships, particularly with how we both make and keep friends.

4. Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman.

The authors, who are also two friends, tell the story of their friendship, which has been through many ups and downs. The authors explore how to keep each other close through the story of their own friendship.

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5. How We Show Up: Reclaiming Family, Friendship, and Community by Mia Birdsong.

The author explores the many factors that contribute to our increasing feeling of separation: values, beliefs, race, class, gender, and our denial of the need for each other. This book leads readers to understanding how to better show up and lean on each other, both literally and figuratively.

6. Friendship By Lydia Denworth.

This book approaches the topic of friendship backed by neuroscience and biology. It shows how we are hardwired for friendship and how to foster our friendships in this social media focused world.

Need more good books to boost your relationship skills? Check these 5 Relationship Strengthening Reads.

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