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Maidenfolk Picks: 10 Journals for Your Self-Care Practice

Maidenfolk Picks: 10 Journals for Your Self-Care Practice

While journaling can be a wonderfully healing practice, it also can be hard to know where to start. Sometimes, we need a little help and guidance in the practice. That is where these journals come in handy. Crafted by amazing authors and change-makers, these amazing journals for your self-care practice are filled with prompts that will spark inspiration and mindfulness.

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Here are our 10 favorite journals for your self-care practice:

1. The Five Minute Journal by Intelligent Change

The 5 Minute Journal is specially crafted for positive manifestation, gratitude, and improved confidence as you get on with your day.

2. Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration by Meera Lee Patel

Artist and author Meera Lee Patel’s imaginative paintings along with inspirational quotes, open-ended prompts, and plenty of room to write and reflect, make for a beautiful journaling experience.

3. Journal to the Self by Kathleen Adams

A nationally known therapist provides a powerful tool for better living–a step-by-step method to personal growth, creative expression, and career enhancement through journal writing.

4. The Mindfulness Journal by Corinne Sweet

The Mindfulness Journal offers an introduction to mindfulness that can be done anywhere, anytime, providing you self-care in every present moment.

5. Get Untamed: The Journal by Glennon Doyle

Full of thought-provoking exercises, beloved quotations from Untamed, compelling illustrations, playful and meditative coloring pages, and an original introduction, in Get Untamed: The Journal, Glennon guides us through the process of examining the aspects of our lives that can make us feel caged

6. The Artist’s Way Morning Pages Journal by Julia Cameron

This journal is based on the practice of “morning pages,” which involves writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness thoughts each morning to clear the mind and spark creativity.

7. The Shadow Work Journal: A Guide to Integrate and Transcend your Shadows by Keila Shaheen

This shadow work journal provides you easy-to-use pages with activities, exercises, & journaling prompts, keeping you accountable in your healing journey.

8. Practice You: A Journal by Elena Brower

Practice You: A Journal is a sanctuary to record flashes of insight, find our ground, create and clarify our goals, and bear witness to our own evolution.

9. The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll

The Bullet Journal Method provides an essential guide to building core disciplines from which you can personalize your practice for success.

See Also

10. Wreck This Journal: Now in Color by Keri Smith

Inside this journal, you’ll find prompts for painting, shredding, transforming, and unleashing your creativity – this is your journal to wreck!

Most importantly…

The Maidenfolk Membership is both a community and a library of valuable resources, including journal prompts that can help support your self-care practice. Our curated journal prompts will help you reflect on your thoughts and emotions, gain clarity, and create a more positive mindset. You’ll learn how to process negative emotions, reframe limiting beliefs, and develop a more grateful and optimistic outlook on life.

Lastly, read our article here on The Healing Power of Writing: Using Journaling for Self-Care.

Let us know if you try any of these journals for your self-care practice! Message us @Maidenfolk on Instagram, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below!

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