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Maidenfolk is a respite of inspiration for self care, wellness, and mindfulness to help women unlock their best selves.

We keep women inspired by taking their day-to-day and infusing it with endless creative possibilities to restore and refill their cups, first.

Welcome to our vault of ideas and encouragement, brimming with delightful inspirations to take care of yourself, from self care and gratitude-based rituals, restorative movement, nutritious meals, and daily suggestions on how to make the most of each magical day. Our content and experiences nourish our readers with the goodness they deserve and need.

We seamlessly insert your brand into these narratives (with endless joy for everyone involved)! Ready to make your brand the hero of our audience’s story?

Partner with us.

We’ll help you achieve your goals

  • Bring awareness
  • Spark dialogue
  • Attract new customers
  • Foster brand loyalty
  • Contextualize content
  • Educate key audiences
  • Build stronger connections
  • Drive engagement
  • Shape brand reputation

Ways to work with us

Sponsor custom editorial: Our readers crave our POV. We’ll bring your brand alive through beautiful content in our signature voice and style.

Create a branded mini masterclass: Our audience is full of seekers. Move them through their creative journeys by sponsoring a class that teaches them something new.

Collaborate with our influencers: We’re community builders at heart. Align your brand with our tastemakers to bring attention and fresh content to an even wider audience.

Power an owned digital destination: We’re our audience’s trusted resource across all of life’s moments. Position yourself as a guide and expert through building dedicated content hubs.

Get amplified on all of our channels: Maximize your reach through an integrated approach. We’ll promote your content on-site, through social, in newsletters, and via native tiles.

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