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Savoring Simple Pleasures with Sensory Mindfulness

Savoring Simple Pleasures with Sensory Mindfulness

Experiencing the simple pleasures of life doesn’t require extravagant, exciting things. Sweetening life requires that we turn on our sensory mindfulness and cultivate presence with the daily pleasures already around us. Sometimes it’s the little things that can end up having the most profound shifts.

The practice of sensory mindfulness requires directing attention towards the 5 senses of sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, as well as a 6th bonus sense of our thoughts. This usually requires slowing down and releasing the grip of busyness and multi-tasking, solely focusing on the sensory input in that single moment.

When we make a conscious effort to look for the simple pleasures in our lives, magic can happen. Our nervous systems relax, gratitude expands, and our hearts open. Sensory mindfulness is actually used to help people cope with anxiety and panic. The technique is meant for grounding you through what is in your immediate surroundings – noticing something you can see, something you can touch, something you can hear, something you can smell, and something you can taste.

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Here are some ways to mindfully tune into each of the 5 senses to experience life’s simple pleasures:


  • Inhale the aroma of essential oils
  • Take in the smell of a delicious meal as it cooks and while you eat
  • Stop and smell the flowers
  • Take a nature walk and pay attention to all the smells within nature
  • Breathe mindfully and notice any smells you can pick up on in your environment


  • Savor a delicious meal
  • Chew slowly and deliberately
  • Drink a yummy beverage slowly and with delight
  • Sip water with intention and mindfulness
  • Cultivate awareness of the sensations of your mouth on it’s own


  • Touch soft textures such as a fuzzy rug or blanket
  • Intimate time with a partner or self-pleasure
  • Lovingly touch your body slowly and mindfully (a technique called Havening)
  • Self massage
  • Pet an animal


  • Put on your favorite music and listen to the intricacies the sounds
  • Sit in nature and listen to the birds and wildlife
  • Cultivate attention towards the sounds in a cafe
  • Marvel at the miracle of sounds and the fact that we can hear at all! (you can even do this in unpleasant traffic)
  • While in the shower, pay attention to the sounds of running water


  • Visit an art, nature, or history museum and take in the sights with keen awareness
  • People watch
  • Sit in nature and watch the clouds go by, birds flying, water flowing, leaves on trees rustling, or bugs crawling
  • Practice eye gazing with another person (sit in front of each other and look into each other’s eye’s with mindful attention)
  • Notice the colors and details in a sunrise, sunset, day or night sky

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