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The Art of Self-Care: How Creativity Can Help You Recharge

The Art of Self-Care: How Creativity Can Help You Recharge

As children, when we felt the impulse to create we did it without question. We used whatever we had nearby to create anything our heart desired. Somewhere along the way as we become adults, we shut down our impulses to create because we have “more important” things to do, like clean the house, run errands, get that project finished, or whatever task is on our long to-do list. It’s true, as adults we do have more responsibilities that need tending to. It is when we neglect our true impulses, though, that we then find ourselves feeling burnt out and sad, wondering why. We forget how creativity can help us recharge.

What if we allowed ourselves to create for the sake of self-care? Is our to-do list really always more important than our impulses to be creative? Creativity can help us recharge because it awakens our spirit in a way that our daily routines don’t, out of auto pilot and into aliveness. Whether it’s painting, drawing, sculpture, knitting, and even gardening, dancing, singing, writing, or cooking. I’m sure you can think back to a time when you were doing something creative and perhaps the thought of “Why don’t I do this more often?” popped into mind. It is apart of our human nature to be creative, but we often get too wrapped up in perfectionism and productivity to actually take action.

The Benefits of Creativity

Taking time to do something creative for self-care isn’t just frivolous and charming. It actually holds a great deal of benefits. Creativity allows us to think in new ways, leading us to find solutions to problems we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. It helps us access flow state, which is an idea theorized in Positive Psychology that describes being completely absorbed, focused, and enjoying your present moment activity. Being in flow is actually associated with reducing anxiety, stress, and even a decreased heart rate. Creativity also boosts memory, and there is even research that shows creative activity with older folks is associated with reduced dementia and increased longevity. Simply, engaging in creativity brings about a playfulness, joy, and fresh energy that few other things can do. For these reasons, creativity is the ultimate act of self-care.

Image is of 6 various sized paintbrushes on a white piece of paper, showing how creativity can help you recharge.
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What Gets in Our Way of Creativity Helping Us Recharge?

Do you feel blocked in your creativity? If so, ask yourself these questions before you get started:

  • What has been blocking me from engaging in creativity?
  • Do I have an internal story about not being good at anything creative?
  • What shame or self-doubt thoughts do I have around my creativity?

Once you’ve excavated some of the blocks around your creativity, let’s discover where to begin. Deciding where to start is often the hardest part, so keep it as simple as possible. What creative outlet did you love the most as a child? If your child self loved dancing, put on a song and boogie. If your child self loved coloring, get yourself a coloring book and go at it for 20 minutes. Perhaps even take yourself to the craft store and let your inner child guide you towards a project that sparks excitement. Don’t let the fear of getting started stop you from starting at all. Get some more ideas for creative activities that will also pair well with self-compassion here.

The Art of Intention

The best part about being creative is that there really are no rules. If it feels creative to you, that’s all that matters. It’s really about holding the intention to engage in creative practice that also feels rejuvenating. When setting aside your time to create, take a moment to take a deep breath and clarify your intention. This will assure a much more mindful and focused experience. It could sound something like this:

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My intention for this creative time is to recharge through creative practice. May I feel happier, less stressed, more at peace, and more energized through this practice.

Finding enjoyment in creativity for pure enjoyment, self-care, and rejuvenation can be a process when we’ve fallen out of practice. Setting intention and starting with small increments of time will help to blossom a renewed sense of connection towards your creative expression. Whatever you choose to do, give yourself permission to play, enjoy, and care for yourself.

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