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The Beauty of Platonic Soulmates

The Beauty of Platonic Soulmates

Many of us spend much of our lives wondering: “When will I meet my soulmate?” Or if we are partnered with someone, we continue to wonder, “Is this my soulmate?” In only searching for romantic soulmates, we might be forgetting the beauty of platonic soulmates.

Throughout our lives, we are fed this message that we need to find our soulmate in the form of a romantic partner. We see it in TV, movies, advertisements, and even hear it from family or in music. This can be the source of great stress if that search doesn’t happen as we hope. If we spend forever searching for our soulmate only in the form of a romantic partner, we may miss out on the true platonic love that is right in front of us – our friends.

If we spend forever searching for our soulmate only in the form of a romantic partner, we may miss out on the true platonic love that is right in front of us – our friends.

What is a Platonic Soulmate?

A soulmate is a sign that we belong in this world, that there is someone out there like us, that matches our unique essence. Someone that can hold us through our ups and downs, and that we love to hold through theirs also. The concept of soulmates gives us hope that we won’t be alone in this lifetime. Because, let’s face it, life is both terrifying and beautiful, and we can’t do it alone.

A platonic soulmate is someone who you feel all of the above with, but there is no romantic or sexual component. The connection is just as deep and meaningful. You feel relieved and safe in their presence. They make life feel less terrifying and more worth living. They match your authenticity with theirs. It goes beyond just friends, but not into dating territory.

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The Sweetness of Friendship

Good friends are not always easy to come by. Platonic friendship requires that we are comfortable enough to be fully ourselves, which can take time to develop. To let your guard down without the expectation of sexual intimacy getting you there, can be more of a slow burn. Sometimes you meet someone and feel an instant connection, like you’ve know each other for hundreds of years. For others, the spark grows and blossoms overtime, and in time you forget how you ever did life without this person.

The beauty of platonic soulmates is that there is less pressure to be anything in particular. They are voluntary and don’t necessarily require as much commitment as a romantic partnership. They are based on mutual support, companionship, and belonging. It’s being there to talk on the phone for hours when you are working through a rough patch. It’s celebrating wins with a big squeal and margaritas. It’s meeting up to walk in the park because moving your body is better with company. It’s late night crying on the couch because you’ve both known the kind of heartbreak to bring you to your knees. And it’s reading each other’s minds about both needing late night thai food. Good friends remind us that we aren’t alone in this world. They assure us that we aren’t crazy, but simply human, and that they are right there with us in that.

The beauty of platonic soulmates is that you can experience love and soul connection with someone other than your romantic partner. It doesn’t have to reserved for just one person. That can feel isolating if it is, especially if things go awry in your relationship. It takes the pressure off of our romantic partners to be everything for us.

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Versus Romantic Relationships…

Romantic relationships often hold more expectations, for better and for worse. There’s an attachment to outcome, more so than friendships. You may share (or want to eventually) a home, finances, children, and more responsibilities in general. There’s passion, attraction, and sexual intimacy, requiring a different level of engagement. Romantic relationships without a friendship at the foundation can often feel transactional for this reason. Having a soulmate in the form of a romantic partner is a beautiful thing, and it doesn’t have to be the only option.


Soulmates may exist in your life as a romantic partner, but they may also show up in unexpected friendship packages. Those friendships must be cherished and appreciated, because they are such a beautiful thing. To open our minds to the different ways of getting the connection we need brings more possibilities and opportunities for love to exist in our lives. Don’t forget to invest your heart in the connection with your platonic soulmates as much as you would with a partner. Whether you currently have friends who feel like soulmates, or you are still on the hunt, keep your heart open to the possibility that not all soulmates are romantic.

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